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"This gadget is the Cat's Meow. I've pretty well got my reflexes upgraded now and am eagerly looking forward to computer sessions so I can play with it.

How did I ever live without a CAT?"

From Norm

Welcome to the Cat Shop



Cats offer a new era of PC interaction.

Cirque Cats, gain control of your computer with just the touch of your finger.
The Cat Shop introduces Cirque touchpads, featuring GlidePoint Control, to revolutionise the way you interact with your PC.
Now you can control your computer with just the touch of your finger, the "original" pointing device.

Finally there is a truly intuitive and natural way to control your computer, instead of dragging an unresponsive plastic mouse around or rolling a sticky trackball. Cirque touchpads (Cats) are the key to controlling the technological world on a personal, more human level.

"The technology in mice and similar pointing devices dates back to the late 1960's, when little was known of repetitive stress syndrome. That's why no thought was given to YOUR BODY after hours of work with that mound-shaped device. Cirque touchpads, on the other hand, offer superior comfort and control over your PC..."

Here are just a few of the great benefits
every Cirque touchpad offers...

Why push a mouse around when you can just point?

Even the best mouse is no match!
  • Comfort and ease-of-use.
    Just point a finger. No more claw-like mouse grip.
  • Stationary.
    Stop stretching your shoulder and arm unnaturally.
  • Space savings.
    Reclaim your desktop.
  • Durablity.
    Won't clog or break... ever!

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